Life really does become easier when you eat in a way that promotes your body’s health and function. For some who are always battling illness here, sickness there, it’s even more important.
We are living in a time with a global illness that our country is doing a poor job of handling from government to everyday people. If there were ever a time in life to be on top of your health it is now.
Our bodies have a range of functionality from optimal to just getting by alive. Some of us generally always are optimal and some people’s bodies are just barely keeping up. It may be hard to imagine that these feelings are quite different! If you generally have been really healthy all your life OR mostly made questionable decisions your body CAN feel QUITE different if you go the other direction.
📍Optimal bodies generally have little joint pain (outside of physical injuries from sports), next to no risk of chronic illness (diabetes, heart disease), lower risk of complications from viruses/bacteria/infections (such as covid 19), feel lighter, and as reported to me, by 50-60-70+ feel drastically better than peers who have poorer health habits.
📌What things should you do for an optimal feeling body?
-Eat mostly plants (most = more than half of all food intake = veggies, fruits, starchy carbs)
-Not “over doing” meat
-Drinking enough water so your pee is nearly always clear
(even if you drink pop or coffee at times)
-Limiting foods that don’t naturally have sugar
-Keeping your calorie load down (usually a by product of eating a lot of plants)
-Sleeping enough
-Getting 30min of activity/exercise a day
📍On The Other Hand
Your body CAN function minimally and give you 60-70 years -eating processed carbs all day every day
-drinking pop/soda
-having yellow pee due to dehydration
-“A lot” of meat
-lacking sleep
-sugary this and that but it’s not optimal.
📌Unless you have amazing genetic resiliency against health issues, you’re probably gonna be plagued with:
-joint aches
-excess fat cells
-a higher chance of anything bad that runs in the family
-heart problems
-a harder time getting around and once you cross 40/45 - at least from what I hear - your body will feel like 60 (even if you “look” good)
🦠Covid is something none of us want to catch. Nor any future pandemics that will come (hopefully not in our lifetimes). The flu can crush you. Unhealthy people can be down 2+ weeks with a small cold that a healthy person can brush off in a few days.
These are my views from working with advising hundreds of people Over the decade my own self study, doing research, and considering what makes sense.
💎A healthy body functions like a new model car year after year, and an unhealthy body feels like driving a 1998 model car that is taken care of enough to be drivable but the A/C doesn’t work and you can’t let other people drive it because of how the breaks do you hit them with the “only I know my car”.
🥊Student loan debt is bad, medical bills are worse. Passing your house down to your family as an asset is a much better legacy move that selling it to cover medical expenses for coronary artery disease or diabetes that got outta control.
Please, treat your body in a way that reflects its ability to help you live a good life. You may not be wealthy right now, super smart, talented in the arts, but you can CERTAINLY be healthy and life an EASIER life because of it.
Healthy feels really good and we can tell every time we run into a healthy person.
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