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3 Things You Must Address When Increasing Running Volume

May 30, 2020 22:19

As a runner & athlete, you are always looking to progress and improve.  While we should always push for progress, it’s good to be smart and not overly aggressive about it.  Increasing the amoun...

Copy of hydration


June 21, 2020 17:52

All of our lives we get told about the importance of hydration.  It's the most essential thing you need to do to stay alive and above staying alive, your hydration status can have major effects on ...

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🦶🏽Are You Using Your Foot Arches? Probably Not🦶🏽⁠

February 12, 2021 19:32

Unless you are a swimmer or you are a professional hand balancer (that’s a thing), your foot is the first thing to touch the ground in nearly every sport.   It’s probably pretty important to know ...

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Don’t Fool Yourself

February 19, 2021 18:48

We are all born with various levels of ability.  Height, speed, injury resilience, jumping ability, strength, coordination, etc.   These are all traits that can be improved (except height lol), bu...

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What's Up with Interval Runs Hurting So Much

February 24, 2021 18:55

As we get closer to spring track and community races, another companion will soon join us...interval runs!  There are many ways coaches organize these but there is one consensus point about them: ...

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Learn to Breathe Better While Running

February 24, 2021 19:31

As you are thinking about right this moment, breathing is pretty automatic. Your body has systems to make sure it does that without thought. Who really has time to think about breathing all day lon...

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So, I Watched One of Your Kids Fall Out Last Week

March 13, 2021 00:17

Actually, there were 2 of them.   A very young fella who is just getting back to training 2 weeks ago. The other an *cough* adult *cough* who weeks from graduation should know better.  I’ll talk ...

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Work Your Tight Muscles

March 19, 2021 02:36

In the world of running, commonly the hamstring, hip flexors, quads, calves, and glutes are the bearers of aches and pains.  Week 2 of high school track is almost done, and finally some of the “thi...

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Running Negative Splits

June 15, 2021 15:20

Yesterday our summer track work began!   As an emphasis, I talked to them about running negative splits.  What’s a negative split? It’s when the 2nd half of your run is faster than the first half....

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What Speed Training Really Is

July 27, 2021 11:46

When it comes to sprinting, there are 3 phases that matter: Acceleration Max Velocity Speed Endurance For sprinters in track and field, these all matter a lot.  For athletes that play foo...

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3 Tips for Drive Phase

September 02, 2021 12:10

Everything begins with a start.  In sprinting, you begin with acceleration (drive phase) which is going from not moving, or moving very slow, to flying like a bat out of hell.  Nearly every sport t...

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Reflections from a non-runner... Coach Tony on coaching at GHP

June 20, 2023 21:12

Runners can work on so much in the gym and on the track. At GHP, we focus on the technique required in order to actually run correctly. Simple technique coaching can improve running greatly. After focusing on technique, we aim to strengthen the major movers runners use. As they run, they are using muscles that help accomplish a certain task. Our job as coaches is also to make the muscle that you are using better, stronger, more resilient.  

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