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Own Your Wins!

May 10, 2021 15:08

In the Western PA track world, this weekend was host to the 47th Annual Baldwin Invitational, arguably the most high profile track meet on this half of the state.  I still remember vividly competin...


Not for the Faint of Heart

June 15, 2022 02:55

This past Sunday, I went up to Moraine State Park to check out 2 of our members, Noe & Greg, for their sprint triathlon.  The event was the Mighty Moraine Man.  Let me say this, it was a very w...

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I Realize Why Some People Run Everyday

June 15, 2022 02:59

Shoutout to the GHP athletes who competed at the PIAA State Track & Field Championships on Memorial Day weekend of 2021, who this year all run for Allderdice HS.  It was the first time for all ...


Make Yourself Proud

June 15, 2022 03:07

Big ups to Amber for conquering this year!  She finished it off by recently completing the Carolina Spartan Ultra 50K.  That is a 31 mile race with obstacles.  Obstacles!  31 miles!Oh yea, she comp...

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Jack in Do or Die Fashion

June 15, 2022 03:09

Originally written in fall 2021* This weekend I went to the PIAA State Cross Country Championship.  Many of our runners were there and did great.  Holden Eagle had a course personal record.  Eyoha...

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Patrick, down nearly 2 minutes in 1 summer

October 07, 2022 19:06

At the end of the school year this spring, I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick.  We met just before the track and field district championships as he came expressing his desire to have a dominant ...

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Jac & Jazmine: Train Together, Stay Together

October 07, 2022 19:09

For the last year and change, us coaches have had the pleasure of being a part of Jac and Jazmine’s life journey.  Being basically the same age as me, they’ve also come to learn there’s an adjustme...

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Reflections From 6 Years of Business

February 13, 2023 16:19

February 2nd marked 6 years of GHP’s existence.  January makes it 5 years of full time business ownership.  I’m grateful for what this journey has done for my own personal development.  To a large...

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Swimming is Teaching me about Learning

April 26, 2023 14:06

Story time.  I want you to experience my joy of learning to swim and the fascination with how my body is just learning to “do it”. Enjoy some fun life reflections along the way.   The year is 2009...

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Life Lessons Learned in the Water

August 28, 2023 23:30

While achieving goals is important, personal growth happens in the structured journey toward those goals. It also alleviates anxiety. Creating checklists and accomplishing tasks can provide a sense of order and calm, helping you overcome fear and anxiety.

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Be like Greg

November 15, 2023 21:33

I’ve known Greg Barnhisel for over 10 years now. For 10 seasons between 2012-2021 I coached youth club track for River City Elite. Jack - whom many of you have trained alongside over the last sever...

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Relentless Pursuit: Meet Patrick

November 15, 2023 21:48

Patrick = Relentless = 3rd Best in PA There are few people you meet in life that truly show you what relentless pursuit looks like. Patrick is one of those people.  You may recall from last year hi...


A Lesson In Perseverance

December 20, 2023 21:49

Embark on a journey of resilience with Mary, an extraordinary young athlete who defied the odds in her pursuit of strength, both physically and mentally. From overcoming injuries to achieving impressive feats in running and weightlifting, Mary's story inspires readers to embrace challenges, reject stereotypes, and find empowerment on the path of strength. Discover the transformative power of dedication and determination as Mary continues to defy expectations and explore her collegiate and athletic future.

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Raj vs. The Marathon: 2 Years, 37 Minutes off

February 20, 2024 13:03

Training for spring races has begun! Time to lace up and get going. However, one GHP member is enjoying the end of some well deserved rest at this time. Last year, I wrote a story about Raj, one o...

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