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Do you love helping people achieve their goals in sport, mindset, and life? Do you have what it takes to help change lives and improve performance of our members? 

Global Human Performance helps members achieve their fitness goals by connecting them with a dedicated coach. We are currently hiring Apprentice coaches & marketing assistants for 2021!  

If you are interested in learning more about what we are looking for and beginning the journey with us, please fill out the information below. Once you have done that, you will receive an email with further instructions.

More About This Opportunity

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GHP is a personal training studio that specializes on delivering life-changing fitness to our members. A sport training facility in Wilkinsburg that helps young athletes & runners, as well active adults, have healthier bodies that perform at their best so they can focus on their part: winning, getting better, and having fun.


You love helping people achieve their goals. You're interested in a professional career and we want to help build that out for you!  We aim to teach you and help you hone your craft in coaching.  You enjoy the science and art of coaching and we continually aim to help you improve at that.

Take some time to review our website, YouTube channel, and social media sites to learn more about GHP's culture and vibe! Below is specific information about the internship:



We are looking to bring on an Apprentice coach who is hungry to learn and work on their craft with a mentor to help them grow. Our goal is to help mold you in to a top level coach, spending lot's of our energy mentoring and teaching you.We want to give you a great quality experience and are looking to grow our staff to help reach more people!

The Apprentice Strength and Movement Coach with GHP will be responsible for:

  • coaching 1-on-1 and small group sessions
  • absorbing instruction, guided learning, and self learning
  • helping with upkeep

There will be mentored coaching via assisting, self-guided study, educational presentations, online educational programs, as well as opportunities to lead sessions.  

What we’ll primarily cover:

  1. Exercise Library- mechanics, cueing, programming
  2. The “Art” of Coaching and Relationships
  3. Sprint Training, Plyometrics, Working with runners
  4. Methodologies & Program design in short term and long term 

There is a hiring opportunity out of this position if there is mutual interest & capacity!

There may also be outside continuing education opportunities depending on time of the year, as well as opportunities for you to do specialized programs if you are specially equipped to do them.

As a good culture fit, one must consider themselves a global citizen - we have a diverse member base from many countries and backgrounds and much of the owner's experience and founding of GHP is based on this.


As a small business, great service is key.  But of course, in order to grow fast, being able to spread that message is key.  We have worked to improve our marketing and sales outlets and would like to offer a Marketing Intern hands on experience taking our multi-facted marketing approach to the next level! 

Bonus points if you are interested in coaching, but not necessary.  Helping lead generation and spreading our message is the priority.  

You'll get experience working with:

-marketing podcasts

-email content marketing

-working with videographers & photographes

-social media advertising and content marketing

-graphic design

-marketing strategy

This position can lead to a hire pending performance & our growth affording it.  Interest in coaching can increase this potential.

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You will be trained through our coaching school to learn about: exercise science, coaching science, sales, membership management, and leadership. You will understand how important personal relationships are to our way of delivering incredible results and experiences for our members.  You will have advancement opportunities as we expand and will be able to help more people achieve their fitness and performance goals.

If you are in the marketing track, you will learn how we operate our marketing channels and be challenged to help us further build our strategy.  



High energy
Engaging with people
Someone who values health & fitness and embodies that in themself
A self-starter
A great teacher


Understand Anatomy and Physiology
Have experience in health and fitness: S&C coach, track coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, etc
Live an active engaging life: ie. outdoor activities, rec sports, has a travel bug, etc
Athletic experience OR undergone a transformational weight loss through fitness
Be detail oriented


Global Human Performance
Help us deliver life-changing fitness
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