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Global Human Performance was made to help people improve how their bodies move, feel and look. We aim to improve your life's performance whether that's competitive sports, keeping up with the kids, or just looking good for the beach.

We use a scientifically backed training system with methods to help YOU reach peak performance in sports and life. You just need to bring consistency, intensity, and the desire to maximize yourself.

Meet Coach Donald
With a Masters of Education in Sport Science and Nutrition, our founder Coach Donald knows how to transform your life.
Meet Donald

Global Coaches Education

Putting the 'Global' in Global Human Performance

GHP conducts training for sport coaches & personal trainers abroad looking to enhance their knowledge on fitness, strength & conditioning, sport nutrition, speed & agility, etc. Check out our video below highlighting our most recent educational experience.

Sessions are generally at 2-5 days. English understanding is needed although sessions can be partially conducted in Spanish or Swahili when planned in advance enough.

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