Global Human Performance

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

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Yes you will!  Our coaches work to make this one of, if not the, best part of your day.  We like to think of ourselves as the third place in your life, aside from home & work/school/etc

As in like injury, no.  People don’t get hurt here.  Challenging, yes, but only to what will progress you!

Of Course!  Your coach will communicate with you and help progress you along your goals beyond the 2-3 hours/week you are here.  Relationships are everything to us and your coach will probably be a very important person in your life the longer you are here.

If you simply want a person to make you sweat and not talk to you until you come back, this may not be for you.

Yes, as our staff grows, various coaches will lead the small group sessions.  Your personal coach will be primarily responsible for you reaching your goals though, and will conduct your 1-on-1s.  If you ever need to change this person, contact us.

Personal.  You get a workout based on your needs but it’s done among others.  Certain parts of your workout may tie in with another person’s, for equipment and fun needs =)