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6 Ways to Get Healthy Knees & Reasons They Ache

May 23, 2020 15:41

Healthy knees are capable knees. The capability of knees to tolerate loading, the better they are. Loading is: 1) handling multiples of your body weight. Example 1.5x Body weight when walking, s...

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Benefits of 1x20 Training

June 13, 2020 17:00

Many of us gym goers and athletes are pretty familiar with training to the tune of 3x10 (sets to reps), popularized from body building culture and common in general fitness as it provides a great f...



June 13, 2020 17:24

My friend & fellow coach Khyla and I created a piece to help you understand the pains you get vs soreness. Also lastly looking at when to push through and when not too!  Check out the video we ...

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July 10, 2020 01:12

⁠I'm sure at some point you've gotten ready to do a workout but your knee or hip felt a bit tight or you were uncomfortable as you were still rehabbing. Often times, that can be dealt with so you c...

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Your Knees Should Be Able to Come Past Your Toes

February 19, 2021 16:14

We’ve all heard the adage “don’t let your knees come past your toes”.  Why is that?  Well, if your muscles and tendons aren’t strong enough, you could feel pain or at least have a lot of discomfort...

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Work Your Tight Muscles

March 19, 2021 02:36

In the world of running, commonly the hamstring, hip flexors, quads, calves, and glutes are the bearers of aches and pains.  Week 2 of high school track is almost done, and finally some of the “thi...

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In Season Strength = Postseason Success

March 24, 2021 14:50

Every year, thousands of athletes across the country go hard strength training all off season just to hit the championship series and post season and run out of gas and be “almost good enough”.   ...

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Healthy Knees Have Strong Quads

May 10, 2021 15:36

Inflexible knees suck.  Painful knees suck even more.  Over the years, I’ve helped many athletes and regular folks improve in their knee ability and have worked to continually grow my knowledge on ...

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Making Stretching Great Again

September 02, 2021 11:57

Lol.  I couldn’t help myself. I just put lol in an At any rate, here’s the deal.  Even the best intentioned athlete and exerciser forgets an important aspect of health and injury ris...

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4 Muscles to Train That You Probably Aren’t

September 04, 2021 13:44

You just hit the gym. Of course you did your essentials: you got your squats in, deadlifts, lunges, pull ups, bench press, and abs in.  Good job, right? I mean, yea good, but not the most optimal ...

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The Power of Eccentrics

May 30, 2022 00:03

No, no, not an eccentric personality- though many of them can be quite powerful people, I mean eccentric training.  Using eccentric tempos while doing strength training is a key player in building ...

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Your "Once in Awhile Lunges" are Disappointing You

June 09, 2022 23:13

As the years of coaching add up, I just further see more and more the correlation between: endurance athletes who like to occasionally do 15min of lunges after a workout X endurance athletes who d...

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Stop Letting Weak Hips Hurt You

July 26, 2022 19:00

Stop Letting Weak Hips Hurt You Today, all before 9am, I had 3 different conversations about 3 different parts of the hips.  Maybe you don’t hear this enough: you need stronger hips.  Especially i...

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Quad Muscles are Like Moms.  Hear Me Out..

April 12, 2023 14:02

The other night I was at my nephew’s physical therapy appointment and was asking him questions about how he programs my nephew’s rehab. They do A LOT of quad work.  Isometrics. Eccentrics.  High ...

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I know you just want to stretch tightness, but try this..

April 12, 2023 15:22

We’ve all been there.  A series of heavy workouts and practices adding up over the days and weeks has led to this “tight” feeling in your hamstrings, calves, or maybe your mid back.  It’s not exac...


Overcoming Ankle Sprains: A Runner's Guide to Pain-Free Return

December 11, 2023 17:10

As a runner, dealing with pain is inevitable, whether from post-workout soreness or injuries. The author shares their experience recovering from a severe ankle sprain and emphasizes the importance of not letting pain hinder your passion for running. Exploring key ankle movements for runners, the article introduces effective exercises to aid recovery, including tibialis raises, calf raises, and weighted carries. The reader is encouraged to incorporate a walking routine and gradually progress to running, with the option for personalized guidance through a Success Strategy Session at Global Human Performance. A sprained ankle is not a permanent setback; the article offers practical steps to help runners regain pain-free mobility.

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