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Does your young athlete dream of being a WPIAL or PIAA state champion?  Are they getting into a new sport, motivated, and need that extra guidance & training for greatness?  Is your child being plagued by injury and just want to get back on the field, track, or court?

Our Youth Speed & Performance program is made just for you!  We help develop young athletes to be faster, stronger, more durable, and mentally build their resilience for challenges.

At GHP we provide a unique blend unlikely found in at most gyms & personal trainers across the region: world class strength and conditioning & speed coaching at the same place!  We combine our in gym strength training with our on the track "Trackside" program to give your child an optimized 360° training experience.  

If your young star or future star is ready to move themselves up to the next level, fill out the form below to get started.  We will get you started with our Success Strategy Video Call.  On this call we deep dive about your athlete and create a custom Performance Report that will guide them on their training.

If you choose not to train with us, you will still be able to use that Performance Report to self coach.  It's that thorough.

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Short sprints + Long Distance

Whether you're focusing on your explosive short sprint speed or your enduring cross-country or long distance speeds, we've got you covered.


Global Human Performance Remote Coaching
Faster and stronger
Included in this program
  • Personalized strength and movement coaching
  • Post PT injury training
  • Injury risk reduction training
  • Trackside Program for runners
  • Nutritional coaching
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I come here mostly for overall health and speed, which I've seen a lot of improvement since I started here! It's great the way he pushes people to strive for greatness.
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