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You start off life running with reckless abandon, and then one day, you aren't.  Joints ache, 17 years olds are beating you in races (but of course not by much) when yesterday you had them.  Oh and you're sore for the next 4 days. 

Many often think that's the end of their athletic journey. 

It's not.  Not if you do something about it

If you are looking to renew your vigor, have your joints feel better, and run-jump-play like you were younger, then our personal training is for you:

  • personal training plan to handle nagging injuries that have built up
  • strength and conditioning to build your engine 
  • running coaching to make you faster 
  • a fun environment to become a badass version of yourself

With a large population of adult athletes running races, playing ultimate frisbee, flag football, basketball, & enjoying a myriad of sports and activities, you'll feel right at home. 

Ready to reclaim your fitness, performance, and health?

Then get started with the best personal training in Pittsburgh! Click Get Started or leave your information at the bottom!  You'll get an immediate email to schedule a Success Strategy Meeting.  On that call we get to know you & create our comprehensive GHP Performance Report on how you can win at your goal.  This report will highlight what your training with us will look like so you have maximum clarity.  It's so thorough you can actually take it and run with it if you choose to do that! 

Here's your path with us:

  1. Schedule a Success Strategy Meeting & get your Performance Report
  2. Set up your 1:1 personal training
  3. Progress to our small group 1:5 (if you prefer)
  4. Feel good and play at your best!

If you're looking for personal training in Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, Wilkinsburg, Penn Hills, Homewood, Shadyside, or Highland Park then we are the place for you!

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What We Offer
  • Elite Development

  • Strength and Movement

  • Trackside & Athletic Development

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It works really well for me! I like to be really adaptable and I tend to come in semi-broken a lot so he's really good at adapting to that on the fly.
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