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Elevate Your Speed and Endurance with the Global Human Performance Trackside Program!

You may have heard we have the region’s best speed development program. You are correct and you are referring to Trackside. 

At Trackside, our speed training is built around the same 4 pillars of Strength and Movement: 

  • Body control
  • Technique
  • Power production
  • Endurance & work capacity

So why should you spend your summer getting faster with us?  Well, based on summer 2023…


  • 100% of our sprinters who competed over the summer ran PBs LAST summer during Trackside!
  • 100% of our sprinters ended up running PBs this spring AND all qualified for the district championship.  Nearly all qualified to compete at the PIAA State Championship. 

Cross Country

  • Nearly 100% of our cross country athletes who train in summer 2023 ran Personal Bests (PBs) last fall.  Many competed at the PIAA State Championship, some for the 1st time. 
  • Nearly 100% of those same runners ran a PB this outdoor track season. 


All of our seniors from 2021-2024 who run DI & DII NCAA/NAIA track received athletic scholarships & those in DIII received extra “academic” aid.  Some DIII schools give out extra aid to student athletes who do well.

Soccer, football, ultimate frisbee

  • These athletes improved their speed & took on bigger scoring roles for their teams
  • Our athletes played through their entire seasons and avoided any injuries that would take them out of play


Summer Trackside starts on Monday June 17th and runs until Friday August 23rd.  Trackside will be every weekday from 7-8:15am.  

All sessions are at the Schenley Oval in Oakland.

Program Set Up

Trackside will be organized for 3 groups:

  • Cross Country
  • Sprinters
  • Field sport athletes: soccer, football, & ultimate frisbee

Each group will have 2 dedicated days & 2 optional days.  The dedicated days are sure fire to make improvements.  The additional days will help your child reach their maximum performance.

Days of Week


Sessions will have 1-2 coaches each to accommodate for the group needs on overlap days.  Sessions will be made to be supportive and cooperative while maintaining some competitive spice at times.

Testing will be conducted based on their respective group upon intake in June, week 5, and the final week.  Athletes will know what they are aiming to improve from day 1 and be held to that. 

XC athletes can be given a full layout of their running schedule to follow to manage workload for running outside of GHP - I much prefer that.  If they run on a team, that running schedule must be disclosed to manage workload, I can be very flexible. 


Summer Trackside is being offered as a bundle for all 10 weeks.  We have a cap of 10 athletes in the Sprinter & Field Sport groups each. XC will have a cap of 15.  

For active members of GHP

Email me that your child will be participating in Trackside this summer. It’s an additional $200 total if you want to have the extra 2 days added for the entire summer.

For athletes who do note have a GHP membership 

3-4 days per week of Trackside (2 dedicated + 2 optional)

  • $598 for the summer

1-2 days per week of Trackside (dedicated only)

  • $398 for the summer

If you would like to add small group strength training, I have a convenient way to do that:

+$50 for 1x/week

+$160 for 2x/week

That is for the entire 10 weeks of Trackside from June 17th-August 23rd.  Strength training builds capacity to handle the demands and fatigue that comes with training for speed, conditioning, and going to practice all at once.  

Consider it physical therapy to reduce injury risk.  Physical therapy is simply strength training for a sensitive body part that is already injured. 

That 20-40 even up to 60 training sessions. 

If you’re a parent concerned about getting the most impact for your dollar, this will run you $12.63-$19.90/session over the course of the summer to make life changing improvements.  

How to Sign Up

Okay, so you have the logistics, the price, and know what opportunities you are opening up for your child.  

How can you get a spot reserved?

Click "Get Started" below to schedule a Success Strategy Meeting with us!

If none of the times on that schedule work for you, reply to this email and I’ll make time for you.  On this call I will learn what your kid needs and curate an ideal set up.  

If you’re ready to be that crazy parent cheering on your kid who worked hard all summer and made big progress in their performance, I look forward to talking to you.

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