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Are you an athlete or the parent of one looking to go to the WPIAL or PIAA state championship in track? Do you play a field sport and want to be faster?  Maybe you are training to be an FBI agent and need to pass the 1.5 mile test. 

This program offers track sessions help you improve your running technique & speed on the track!

Included are:

-up to 3x/week on the track in either a mid-long distance session or a sprint-speed group

-strength training with GHP to improve your strength and durability

-online coaching options to help you maximize your time

-nutritional guidance

You should be here. No other gym in Pittsburgh is better qualified to help you meet and surpass your goals when it comes to speed and performance nor can provide you with the volume of quality training GHP can. 

These are conducted in small groups or private sessions as the weather allows.

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