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Trackside is our most sought after program. Unlike most performance gyms, we teach our athletes - of all ages - how to run. Trackside is offered two days a week in the winter and 5 days a week in the summer. We offer two tracks: Trackside Endurance and Trackside Sprints. 

Whether you are a cross country athlete, an adult road racer, a soccer, frisbee or basketball athlete, or a sprinter, Trackside exists to make you faster. 

Trackside outcomes:

  • Learn how to run (efficiently & fast)
  • Learn how to warm-up / cool down
  • Understand how to execute dynamic warm-ups 
  • Understand the benefits of plyometric training
  • Understand the different types of run training
  • Learn how to balance speed training and resistance training
  • Become a well-rounded & resilient athlete 

Trackside sessions are held at the Schenley Oval Sportsplex and on-site at our Point Breeze gym. 

2023 Summer Trackside

Our summer session is almost here! Summer Trackside starts on June 19th and will run through August 18th. Trackside sessions will be held at 7AM at Schenley. This year, we will be featuring hurdling sessions on Fridays.

Click “get started” below to learn more about our current Trackside schedule. Let’s get faster together!

It works really well for me! I like to be really adaptable and I tend to come in semi-broken a lot so he's really good at adapting to that on the fly.
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