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Elevate Your Speed and Endurance with the Global Human Performance Trackside Program!

You may have heard we have the region’s best speed development program. You are correct and you are referring to Trackside

At Trackside, our speed training is built around the same 4 pillars of Strength and Movement: 

  • Body control
  • Technique
  • Power production
  • Endurance & work capacity

We have a “sprints” focus and a “distance” focus within our Trackside program. Your training will depend on your sport, position, strengths, weaknesses, and time of year. Trackside is led by tried and true track & field coaches who have all run collegiate track and field as well as coached high school, club, and/or college.

  • Trackside Sprints focuses on improving acceleration, max velocity, and speed endurance.  
  • Trackside Distance focuses on improving pacing speeds, breathing techniques, and race modeling.

Both programs include an education component  to help athletes understand how running fast “works”. This empowers athletes and can positively influence their teammates and training partners.  

We coach many track & field, cross country, road runners, and triathletes. We often serve as the primary off-season coaching hub for local high school runners. For our athletes needing more guidance in-season, we offer training that complements & enhances their school-advised training plan. 

We work with many soccer, ultimate frisbee, and football athletes and those athletes receive individual attention as part of our Trackside Sprints program.


We offer Trackside on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm September-May. We offer 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday, for the months of June-August at 7am.


Trackside is held at the Schenley Oval Sportsplex year round with the exception of Trackside Sprints which is located at GHP in Point Breeze during the winter months.

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For those seeking personal training or speed training in Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, Wilkinsburg, Penn Hills, Homewood, Shadyside, or Highland Park, your search ends here. 

It works really well for me! I like to be really adaptable and I tend to come in semi-broken a lot so he's really good at adapting to that on the fly.
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