Stop Driving Your Body on Moonshine

In today’s world, we have access to so many wild news stories that it can be hard for people to keep a positive energy and end up quite stressed, many with their body showing and feeling the effects of the stress.  I don’t find hyper-availability of bad news as good for the human body or mind.  

You know what else is too abundant in today’s world.  Sugar.  

Sugar is also wrecking your mind, body, and soul.  The extra snack.  The processed foods we all eat that largely have added sugar.  Processed is most things that you didn’t really cook.  If it can be microwaved from purchase, gon’ head and call it processed.  The extra brews.  The extra bread you didn’t need with your meal. 

Especially if it’s not like garlic cheesy bread.  Extra carbs with minimal taste.  Downvote.

Humans nowadays consume hazardous amounts of sugar from foods you may not even expect.  We eat so many basic starches that pack so little nutrient density.  All that sugar wrecks your mind’s ability to focus.  Wrecks your body with unneeded fat, low energy, and risk of diabetes among other potential ailments.  Can wreck your spirit from influencing how you feel about yourself, your temperament, and more just from the build up from the other issues. 

Sugar can be a great addition, fresh baked pastries are amazing, let me tell you. 

You know what else is great?  A body that works the way you want it to.  

And we get that largely by eating more of 2 other items:

  1. Quality protein
  2. A colorful mix of vegetables

Collectively, these help us with some very important needs for our body:

  • Nutrients to make our body function.  

Your body is pretty much water and protein, plus other stuff.  Most of the billions of chemical reactions that occur in your body involve protein (enzymes).  Not eating enough protein and veggies makes your body, in a sense, cut corners.  It has less options at its disposal to actually function.  It’s like being short staffed.  Not enough for the business to close, but enough that there may be some problems later.

So, so, so many problems from purely physical to brain/mental issues by not having enough nutrients.

  • They help us feel full

Protein takes longer to digest than sugar and when combined with a starch (heavily packed sugar, like pasta) it slowly drips sugar in the bloodstream, helping insulin to not spike so high.

Vegetables also digest slowly, and much doesn’t digest at all due to the fiber.  Fiber is starch that the body can’t digest. 

Also, having a high density of nutrients signals to your brain to feel full that the quota of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids from proteins has been met. 

Well sheesh Coach Donald, you made your point.  Too much sugar (and simple carbs entirely) and not enough protein + veggies is basically like me driving a car and using moonshine instead of gasoline:

It will work, but corrode the engine and parts over a long enough time.

Well, what should I eat?

Depends on how picky you are and how much you let that get in the way of goals

But, more protein and more vegetables.  Make 30-50% of your daily intake plants.  Make another 30% protein.  The last 20-30% can carb.  

This is my own personal and professional advice.  For a being full, eating less calories, and getting your body a variety of nutrients.

Here’s what you should do, go to this link.  I have a folder full of resources you can use to explore options for vegetables and proteins.  Learn about putting together food combos, see new foods to try and more.  

If you need more indepth assistance, you can set up a nutrition consultation with me here to get to the nitty gritty or I can even link you with our dietitians if you reply wanting that.  

Stop driving on moonshine and get your body quality fuel.  Otherwise you risk watching yourself corrode over the coming decades.  I’m sure that feels worse than the taste of vegetables. 

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