Running with Donald Birthday Fundraiser

For my 29th revolution around the sun, I am doing a fun fundraiser for 1Hood, an organization that has been doing tremendous work in the city since I was in high school and truly made a difference in Pittsburgh over the last year with our struggles with COVID-19 & America's late seeming awakening to the 401 years of injustice (to say the least) to Black and Brown Americans. 

Those of you who don't know me, I am coach and gym owner.  Running is my bag and so what better way to do a fundraiser than by running.  Here's the plan:

For every $10 donated, I have to run 1 mile.  Hoping that the fundraiser gets past $100 (I'm only running between 10-13mi) I will be enlisting the help of my coaching clients, athletes, supporters, and friends to


the rest of the miles!  If we fundraise $1,000 there will be 100 miles to cover.  $5000 then 500 miles to cover!  Yes, you can of course run remotely.

I will be hosting this run on Sunday January 24th meeting at the North Shore near Bettis Grille.  My birthday is January 23rd and that is when the fundraiser will end. 

If you are interested in running, walking, or biking, please fill out this form so you can be contacted and be given your amount on Saturday the 23rd.
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If you aren't familiar with 1Hood please check out their website 

More information about 1Hood: The mission of 1Hood Media is to build liberated communities through art, education, and social justice. We are a collective of artists and activists who are using our voices to make the world a better place.

You can find me on Instagram  to keep up with posts leading up to this and to check out the running event.
Use this link to go and donate!!
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