GHP Reopening Monday June 8th

Good morning!  

As Allegheny County has gotten a green light for businesses to reopen, GHP will be reopening on Monday June 8th.  I look forward to seeing you back in working hard!  I hope you have been taking care of yourself mentally & emotionally as the abrupt lifestyle change from COVID and the large spotlight on our country's long term racial inequities can take a large energy toll on you.  

I have spent these months reflecting on how to better improve the GHP experience & keep you as safe as possible.  Take a look below!

GHP Philosophy 

Training Experience



GHP Philosophy - updated

Mission Statement: GHP’s mission is to help people move better, feel better, and live better to achieve life changing fitness.

Focus: Our 2 focuses are on improving athletic performance and fitness as well as educating our community on fitness, nutrition, and well being

Core Values:

Attention to Detail

Support is Golden

Explorative in Solutions

Every Body is Different

Training Experience

  • 4:1 member:coach per session in gym to maintain social distancing and a more personal experience
  • 45min per session 
  • Arrive up to 15min early to warm up and do prep work, prompt exiting
  • Schedule changes! See below
  • Parents must wait in car or outside of building
  • 1-2 Easy Apps to optimize your experience
  • Frequent testing for progress


  • Masks worn throughout Community Forge building
  • Hand sanitation upon entry and exit
  • No outside shoes to train in. Socks, barefoot, or separately carried shoes only
  • Continued, and more meticulous cleaning of equipment after each session
  • No shared equipment during a set
  • Adequate spacing for distancing

Membership Changes

  • Trackside coaching program for longer distance runners & sprinters 
  • New Online coaching program: video streaming, training app on your phone, new GHP on Demand (releasing soon)
  • All 1-3x/week & trackside members will have access to that as well!
  • All members active with GHP upon reopening will have rate maintained at 229/289 per month for a 2-3x/week membership
  • Simplified membership options
  • 1x/week memberships will only be granted on a discretionary basis for those who will be doing other workouts on their own (athletes, workout at box gym like PF, etc)
  • 4-8 session packages are ceased
  • GHP is going to focus on a coaching heavy relationship rather than just simply being a place to workout.  Accountability to your growth will be key!

Some of these may be subject to change as the situation evolves. I'm excited for your progress and experience with GHP!  You'll find a schedule below this.  Please check out the website to reach out and learn more!

In Health,

Coach Donald

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