May Fitness Challenge

It's baaaaaack!

It's been a few years since we hosted a fitness challenge. With summer is right around the corner we’d like to support you on your way to your summer goals. Through the end of the month, we will be running a 28-day challenge urging you to focus on your total wellbeing. We will be scoring four categories: gym attendance, steps, nutrition, and mindfulness. There will be a cash buy-in, and the winner takes all!

Participants in the GHP May Fitness Challenge will check in daily by sending pictures of their step count, their nutritious meals, and a brief description of what they did to take a mindful moment on Mighty Networks. Gym attendance will be tracked by the GHP staff through Acuity. 

May Fitness Challenge Details

Goals: Adherence & Engagement

Prize: Pending # of sign ups.  Announced after the deadline.  Made up from sign up $

Buy In: $20 active GHP members, $40 Alumni & non members.  

New sign ups prior to 5/6 can have buy in waived

Timeline: May 3rd-May 28th

*Retroactive stats will be honored with screenshots

**Sign up ends Saturday May 6th at 2pm

Abridged Scoring Outline

Attend/Complete GHP Workouts = 1 point per GHP workout

Daily Log = 1 point daily

Public Social Media Check in = 1 point daily

Cardio Mileage = 1 point per milestone daily

Special Points: These are points based on activities to boost your score.  

Weight Loss or Gain = 1 point per pound

Youth Mentoring Event 5/18 7:30pm = up to 10 points (MS, HS, college athletes only)

Testimonial = 5 points each

Obtain Coach Khyla’s ebook = 5 points

Sign up for a 5K = 5 points each (specific races)

Referral Sign Up = 10 points

Full Scoring Outline:

Attend/Complete Workouts = 1 point per workout

  • 1 point for each completed workout
  • Strength & Movement
  • Private Coaching
  • Trackside
  • Train Heroic (based on program, remote only. Train Heroic must be listed as *Finished*)
  • Yoga w/ Jackie on Saturday mornings 8:30am (6th & 20th)

-----UNLIMITED Points-----

Daily Log = 1 point daily

Report: Meals / Mileage / Workout

Must be on the Mighty Networks app.  

GHP Facebook group is encouraged as well, but will not count for points.  Not everyone has a Facebook

Each day, Coach Donald or Coach Eden will create a message prompt in Mighty Network. Simply respond to it by leaving a comment on any other social media platform or webpage - it doesn’t have to be long!

Ex. Today I had a decent eating day. I had an apple and oatmeal to start the day. Some danishes in the afternoon and a couple of meals of mixed veggies, chicken, and sweet potatoes. I did 6.5 miles of running today as well. 

Screenshot of mileage count for the day (see below)

Cardio Mileage = 1 point per milestone

Run/Walk: 1pt - 8k steps 

Bike: 1pt per 5 mile

Swim: 1pt per 1000m

*Screenshot of all mileage need to be posted

**Must have an app that tracks miles/steps that can be submitted on Mighty Network upon request 

-----UNLIMITED points-----

Social Media Check in = 1 point daily

1 point for each. 1 daily

Facebook & Instagram only. Posts must be tagged with GHP. Can count as your daily log.

-----26 possible total points-----

Weight Loss or Gain = 1 point per milestone

Must establish at sign up if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or not submit for this part.

1lb gain/loss = 1 point

Weigh-ins must be photo with proof of date (send a screenshot of the photo taken)

Youth Mentoring = 5-10 points 

Thursday May 18th at 7:30pm Coach Donald & Khyla will be hosting a youth mentoring event “Habits & Lifestyle of Competitive Athletes” at the gym. Attendance for a youth signed up is worth 4 points.

A written 250 minimum word reflection is worth another 4 points.

-----10 possible total points-----

Testimonial = 5 points each

  • GHP Google Business
  • FB testimonial
  • Recorded video (we will post on Youtube and Website)

5 points for each platform. Can be done once 

----15 possible total points-----

Order Coach Khyla’s new ebook, “Anxiety vs. Confidence: Who Will Win?here = 5 points

Participate in a 5k at the end of the month = 5 points

We have free registration codes for the GOTR 5k on 5/21 or 

sign up for the Dice Dragon Race on 5/28

Must post a photo of you at either event on your daily log

*Limited to these 2 races

Referral Sign Up = 10 points each

If you have a new member join GHP for the first time you can get an additional 10 points.  Conditions:

  • Have never held a membership at GHP
  • Minimum initial purchase must be $199
  • Must state that you are the person who referred
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