Making Stretching Great Again

Lol.  I couldn’t help myself.

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At any rate, here’s the deal.  Even the best intentioned athlete and exerciser forgets an important aspect of health and injury risk reduction - stretching.  

In the sports performance world, there lives an attack on static stretching.  I’ve spoken on it before.  

This is your reminder: your muscles need to be stretched, for a minute or two at a time in a position.

This helps keep the muscle tissue healthy as it helps balance against the constant muscle contractions that you undergo when you are working out and training, and particularly for the hips, when you sit for HOURS EVERY DAY while at work, school, driving, and home. 

The best time to do static stretching is after you workout.  You get more out of it when your muscles are warm.  The next best time you should stretch is in the morning when you first wake up. 

Flexible muscles allow your joints to have better range, that when paired with daily dynamic stretching & full range of motion strength training, helps you be stronger and more tolerant against injuries that occur from sport and life. 

At GHP this fall, we are working in static stretching to help you with keeping your body happy and healthy as we’ll be making a specific effort to include it at the end of our training sessions.

Oh yeah, and yoga with Coach April will be back later this month!

Go stretch

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