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Big ups to Amber for conquering this year!  She finished it off by recently completing the Carolina Spartan Ultra 50K.  That is a 31 mile race with obstacles.  Obstacles!  31 miles!

Oh yea, she completed it in 11 hours and 18 minutes.  Her goal was to be done faster than 15 hours.  

She ran almost 4 hours faster than she originally told me she wanted to.

She worked hard staying on top of her strength, her recovery, and of course we did our thing getting that pacing speed to improve.  

But the path wasn’t easy.

In 2018 she had a Do Not Finish during her last Ultra attempt.  Amber overcame ankle surgery.  Mix in a pandemic.  She overcame an annoying calf issue that hung on us all year.  And then having to mentally overcome the fear of these things converging.

Doubt can breed fear.

She did it anyways.  

I’m honored to have gotten to be in her corner through that experience.  We trained in pouring rain.  We trained in cold weather.  We trained when it was hot.  Good moods and bad moods.  Calf flare up, tired legs, or feeling awesome.  

This is what we do,


Make Yourself Proud.

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