Let’s Try this Again - NEW GHP Gym Launch!

Yes folks, it’s finally happening.  GHP is moving to: 

Point Breeze!

As of August 2022!

In life, just like in sports, we sometimes get hit with a flagrant foul.  Someone trips you on a race, someone pulls your facemask, or just pushes you over so you don’t score. 

Heads up, this happens in life too.  And it happened to me.  

We either bow down to pressure or rise above and press on.  

I choose to press on.  I’m sure when you reflect on certain segments of your life, you’re grateful for where you are now from where you had been.  You control your story, so make it what you want.  I couldn’t have written up this year any better, because wow.  I’m grateful.

The other choice is to be miserable, and, well, as I’m sure you’ve experienced either personally or in your dealings with others, misery sucks.  I want to help you to win!  That’s why I do all of this.  Our scars help us help others.

My goal is to continue building the best private coaching business for runners and those who need to run on this side of the state!  And it’s more than just simply dealing with knee pain and leg turnover.  It’s how you can better enjoy your activities to live a fulfilling life that makes the world glow brighter.  

Joy spreads and patellar tendonitis is a joy kill, so I like to help you get rid of that - and its many annoying injury cousins - so joy can spread. 

All that said, YES PEOPLE WE ARE MOVING!!!! 

We are talking about a gym opening, not simply life saga’s here.  Yall know I get heavy.  I can’t, moreso don’t want - to help it.  Everything matters to me and is an opportunity for reflection.  

This year I decided to always say “everything will work out better than planned” about pretty much everything.  Hard to maintain, but creates a great daily meditative headspace.  I challenge you to try it for the week.  

As far as the gym goes, I have a much better location for you than the East Liberty location.  Fit to help you achieve the abilities of your dreams:

  • More space?  Check.  How about 2800sqt!  Nearly 50% bigger than East Liberty and 3x the size of our current location

  • More parking?  Check.  Lot’s of parking in front & around the corners.  East Liberty would’ve been a headache.

  • Closer to you?  Check.  Of all of our member locations, Point Breeze is the neighborhood we serve the most people from.  We are in the mix!  It’s only a 5-10min (traffic dependent) from Wilkinsburg!

  • Business friendly?  Check.  Compared to what I would’ve had in East Liberty, it’s like going from a neglectful step mom to a warm hugging grandmother.  

  • Great staff?  Check.  Our core crew of your favorites is mostly returning.  We have a new full time coach who’s just as interesting as all the others we’ve brought on - more on that later this week, (and yeah, that one guy didn’t work out) and 2 new intern coaches who bring great flavor!

  • New equipment?  Check.  Brand new flooring, new squat racks, benches, and yes, a full set of dumbbells so you aren’t subject to the adjustables I love so much. 

When: August 2022!  Grand opening will be later in the fall. 

Where: 6901 Lynn Way, Pittsburgh PA, 15208

Next to Westinghouse Park.  

The photos are design mockups, the color of the gym will be different.  Painting and floor are still being worked on.

How can you get started?

Current members will be deeply in the know as there’s a chance we can get in the facility earlier than August!

If you’re looking for a new training home for you and your family, we are offering an opening special:

Buy 3 personal 1:1 training sessions and receive 3 weeks of our small group personal training completely FREE

We only have an initial capacity currently for 15 new people to take up this special offer to keep our sessions high quality.  If you’ve followed GHP, you know we rarely offer any discounted specials, especially for non members, so take advantage of it!

You can either buy and start while we are still in Wilkinsburg, or buy and save your spot when we open.  

Go to www.ghperformance.com and schedule a Success Strategy Meeting with me by putting your information on the site.  On the call I will learn your goals and help you create a plan that will guide you to your goals.

Referrals from current members will receive an even sweeter deal.  

The only way is forward.  

Thanks for being on this journey with me. 

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