Late Summer 6 Week Challenge

Welcome to the GHP Late Summer 6 Week Challenge!

This challenge is centered around building healthy habits and make the progress that you want.  You will enjoy friendly competition and encouragement as you crush your activity goals, practice reflection, and grow deeper with the GHP family!  

Here are the details:

Start: Monday August 10th

End: Sunday September 20th

Prize: $500 for first place

$250 for 2nd if we have 15 members competing

$50 for 3rd if we have 16 members competing


Earn the most amount of points over the 6 weeks!  These points are based on daily habit building, a few big GHP related tasks, and results achieved.


$50 per participant.  

All participants must have an active GHP member to participate: In Gym, Trackside, Online

*You will need to be active in September to finish the challenge

Scoring Points:

You score points by achieving these daily habits (as often as you can):

  • Completing Workouts
  • Journaling Food, Sleep, Stress
  • Mileage Walking, Ran, Biked
  • Checking In Workouts via Social Media

These points are gained by completing these 1x achievements:

  • Check In Meeting with Coach Donald & Coach Khyla
  • Complete a Facebook, Google, and/or video testimonial
  • Youth Only Short Life Educational Essays

These points are results based:

  • Weight Loss or Gained.  If this is a goal, it must be established at sign up. 

Ready to Sign Up?!

1) Click on Getting Started or a different link below to contact us

2) If you are a member, simply say "yes, sign me up" and you will be billed the $50 and registered

3) If you are not a member, simply inquire about the program, and schedule a Success Strategy Call in the email you IMMEDIATELY receive after your inquiry.  This is to get your membership set up.

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