Jac & Jazmine: Train Together, Stay Together

For the last year and change, us coaches have had the pleasure of being a part of Jac and Jazmine’s life journey.  Being basically the same age as me, they’ve also come to learn there’s an adjustment of what feeling young means.  Sometime after 24-26, you start not feeling the same as you did at 19.  

By 30, youth means something different.  Still young but not the same.  

Knees hurt.  Weight seems to add on but you swear you actually ate more when you were younger.  And as we mature, sometimes we just want a different look.

All of us were experiencing the same transitions.  Jac and Jazmine were lean in high school as he played basketball and she ran track.  As time went on and did its thing, Jac wanted to add more weight & muscle and Jazmine wanted to lose weight and tone.

And they wanted to be able to train together.  

Which creates a tough scenario.  They had opposite goals and didn’t know how to train for them.  

Sure they could go back and do basketball and track workouts.  But, after almost 10 years, that stuff hurt their knees!  Sprinting all of a sudden after 10 years is a fast way to never want to run again.  And Jac had more happen to his knees in high school than can be mentioned in this story.

As 2 self taught software coders (yes, goodness isn’t that impressive!), they were smart enough to know they had a gnarly problem and needed a solution or they were going to hold on to a one-way ticket to frustration.  

You don’t think about how your own bodily frustration bleeds into your daily life (parenting, work, friendships, etc) until you see how joyful you are when your body feels great.  You’re quite seriously a different person.

One fateful day in May of 2021, I got a message from them.  They were at their wits end.  They tried one exercise program after another but to no avail.  And these are self motivated people, so they meant that.

Coach Khyla met with them and showed them how they can both train together and yet still work on separate goals.  They can come together, train together, and win together..all while getting the individual attention they need.

They decided to take her up on that offer and take the leap with us.  

Almost a year and a half later, Jazmine has made significant progress in slimming down to have an athletic build.  The coca-cola shirt rotation she wears to the gym used to be tight fitting and now they are flowy to the point where you can’t tell how lean she is.  

She comments about how Jac walks around the house shirtless much more than he ever used to.

If he’s anything like me, he probably just walks around and makes his pecs jump like Terry Crews in pretty much any movie.  

That’s what I like to do at least.  

It’s been a joy watching them improve their fitness.  Deadlifting much more than their body weight, despite likely not even thinking about deadlifting when they started.  

It’s been even more of a joy watching them go through life.  

From talking about real estate to buying a property.  

From being the cute couple at the gym, to their engagement, and

To their recent marriage a few weeks ago!  

We have newlyweds yall!

And they are a real fit couple.  You know why?

While all summer Jazmine flexed a very nice engagement ring, they come to the gym now with rubber wedding bands while working out.  

That’s how you know they are “bout it, bout it” in the gym.

For very personal reasons, I get a significant amount of joy watching the families of GHP train here.  From couples, to siblings, and especially parents and their kids training together.

Their mutual admiration.  Kids being embarrassed.  Parents fussing (okay that’s not the funnest part).   

We are a very family friendly place.  A place you can be fit together, even if you all have different goals.  

While kids may have their own agenda and goals, as adults, many follow the example that was set for them as youth.  And the ones that don’t, can be very expressive about going against a parents example.  I don’t imagine that it always feels good to hear.

With Jac and Jazmine, they set the example and standard for each other every day.  

Are you ready to set an example of fitness & treating yourself well for your family, your parents, your kids, your spouse, your niece and nephew?  

I want to help you live well.  

The journey of life is hard.  The discipline of training helps you have the strength to better go the distance.  

If you’re ready, send me a message.  

Like them, enjoy the vibration of having a body that is the way you like and not live in the frustration of feeling like you can’t stop it from going downhill.

We can feel that.  

Be the example for your loved ones.

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