Having Healthy Hip Flexors

It’s cold out!  During this time of the year hip flexors, hamstrings, and calf muscles tend to not play as nicely.  It’s imperative that you address these muscles in your warm up and strength training.  

Recently, I was with an athlete who was talking about discomfort in what seemed to be the upper part of her hip flexor near the origin of the illiopsoas region (the bowl of your hips). After giving her some recommendations, I decided to record a short episode of Training Well Done, on how you can take care of your hip flexors this winter.  Listen to it on your way to/from work during a break.

Give it a listen here!  

I also shared 3 exercises that can help with the upper part of the hip flexor.  Notice the correlation with lower abdominal muscle work. 

Sprinter Sit Up

Leg Swing Overs

½ Kneel Hip Flexor Raise

Need more specific help with getting out of hip pain?  Set up a Success Strategy Meeting with me and let’s get that resolved!

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