Go Through the Waves

Go Through the Waves

Yesterday I had quite a day going from this to that.  Over the coming days I want to share some quick lessons & inspirations Sunday taught me.  You’ll probably learn a good chunk about how I spend my time.

After leaving the triathlon I spectated that morning rooting on some of our awesome members (more on that later) and the shooting range, I decided I wanted to go kayaking.  

I actually enjoy kayaking and try to go a few times a year.  I have gone 3x this year.  Most of this year I was in North Park on the calm lake they have there.  This time I decided I wanted to go downtown and ride along the shorefronts. 

Right as the Steelers were taking an L to the Raiders *eye roll* 

While getting fitted for my vest, Kelly, who works for Venture Outdoors, asked me the basics about having kayaked before: life vest, safety, paddling, etc.  As I affirmed that I know what I am doing Kelly then asked me:

“Have you ever kayaked in this (Allegheny) river?”

I replied no, and told her that I’ve really only done lakes recently.

She then explained “well there are a lot of boats out there and they can create some wakes that result in bumpy waves. 

To have a smoother ride with the waves you need to kayak perpendicular head-on through the waves.  If you let the waves hit the kayak from the sides, it will result in a much bumpier ride.”

As I was out on the water and the first waves of a boat passing approached, I decided to turn the kayak and hit the waves head on.

I hardly bounced!  I cut right through the waves easily!

Later on I let the waves hit me sideways, and sure enough, it was a rocky ride.  Nothing that made me think that I would tip, but it got bouncy!

As the ride went on it made me think about the problems we face in our lives and how things always seem to get worse when we avoid our issues.  And conversely that usually when we go head first into these issues things work out better than the 18,000 scenarios we had in our head.

Yes, I do that too.  I think of things that will never happen but seem they could.  And it creates some anxious feelings.

When you know you need to increase your miles to train for a big race, when your shoulder is bugging you and gets in your way of everyday life, when you know getting up for an AM walk will help you get fitter, etc it’s so easy to just not do it.  Oh well life got in the way.

Then we just let the waves hit us.  And we feel the resentment & disappointment toward ourselves and the excuses we mount to attempt to make the waves feel better.  

I encourage you to attack those things head on.  Even for those problems that loom at work, with your family, or major decisions you have to make that you’re stalling on.  And it probably involves you saying no to something. 

Hit the waves head on.  The anticipation is more painful than the actual confrontation and the action you need to take.

As a great book is titled “The Obstacle is the Way”.

Go through the waves in your life and end up better on the other side.

Thanks Kelly, I had a good ride!

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