Resetting GHP's Vision

6 Years in the Making.

In this life of ours, we have an ideas that grip & convict us.  As GHP has evolved greatly from the 1st session ever 4 years ago in Feb 2017 in a crammed, subleased gym on the Southside Flats of Pittsburgh, the vision, I had 6 years ago as a graduate student living in Texas never changed:

To offer for runners and athletes an elite, 1 stop environment to service their needs of strength, speed, injury management, nutrition, & mindset.

After 4 years of business lessons, and several iterations as a bootstrapped start up, I had to refresh myself on this vision and relook at our mission: to help runners and athletes reach their athletic potential

I wanted to share that with you.

This idea was pictured in my mind as a strength facility, with track lanes and a small turf field.  I remember playing college ultimate frisbee as a graduate exercise science student with freshmen who never trained before, thinking about how beneficial it would be for those youngsters.

  • a staff of coaches with experience and education strength training as well as in track & field
  • physical therapist on staff
  • dietitian on site
  • classes on mindset and life skills

As we approach this spring with 1 of our athletes signing for a college track scholarship -competing for a state 100m title, another senior reviewing offers, and a junior (today) telling me of getting his first interest letter, it's great seeing this unfold and I'm excited to see what's unfolding for you.  And there is still so much more to build.  Recently, the addition of Coach Khyla, our growing mindset events, the revamping of our Trackside program, and more have been great strides to building this dream for all of you.

As this grows better iterations over this year and the following, I ask you 3 questions, and I'd love to hear back on your responses:

1) What's your "gripping idea" that has compelled you to action in your life? 

2) Are you living it or building it, or have you lived it?

3) How do you envision the future pieces of GHP's larger vision supporting you in reaching your potential?

Shoot me an email and let me know!

Donald Robinson M.Ed

[email protected]

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