GHP Is Moving On Up, Literally

Global Human Performance is officially moving.  After a 6 month process, I have signed a lease and secured us a new location to build a brand new state of the art facility.  

The address is:

5967 Broad St

Pittsburgh PA


That’s right folks, we are moving right into the center of East Liberty!  May 2022 is the time!  The space will be 2000 sqft - which is a bit over double the size of our current gym.  It will feature mostly all brand new equipment - I am keeping my kettlebells & metal weights though.

There will be 2 bathrooms ANDDDD a shower!

This goal was set at the ending of 2020 and is now underway.

This should serve as quite a relief for those of you who have been affected by the bridge collapse in Frick Park. 

Supporting the Mission and Vision

As I shared in the stories of how I got into coaching and business, I envision having a coaching business & gym that helps get athletes the full service in training that is needed to succeed.  We already have that now, but being able to improve upon that.  

As a moderately talented teenage athlete who used sports to keep my mind & emotions healthy during the turmoil & instability of foster care, I wish I knew about something like GHP.  I would’ve happily used my Bravo busboy tips and post office money to pay for training. I knew far less about weight rooms and training options than the kids that I meet nowadays here.  It’s crazy to me. 

Ask Coach Chuck about me in Maryland for USATF Regionals back in 2010.  Yes, I still have those designer bags

This move allows myself and our team of coaches to help on this goal of helping 400 people this year in a direct coaching capacity.  And to be able to serve over 200 coaching clients each year as well as hundreds of others in the community.  

For myself and what I screen our potential coaches for is to support you through your development.  For adults through the various changes and chapters of your life and know that someone cares for you. 

And for the youth, to help them develop into quality adults.  One lane is being really good at a sport and use of their body which instills confidence.  Another in their emotional development of self control, mindfulness, and intention. 

And most important, to be present in their lives to know someone cares.  It made me sad and bitter when I graduated high school and reflected on how so few people ever came to my track meets, football games, etc.  That bitterness affected me for much of my 20s.  I love watching our kids compete and don’t see why folks don’t make time to go watch their kiddos perform in events.  

My indoor frisbee league team won our winter league championship last night and I was very happy my teenage nephew came to watch…even though I was his ride from his 7-on-7 football scrimmage, so he kinda didn’t have a choice haha. 

How Can You Support

This is obviously one of the more exciting events of my life and I’m glad to share it with you.  So, how can you support and be involved?

  1. Tell folks your stories of training with us.  Someone you know doesn’t train with us because the current location is inconvenient or they don’t know GHP exists! East Liberty may put us on their radar.  

  1. While we have secured the location and equipment, this venture is expensive.  It’s like getting a college degree without a scholarship!  Over the coming weeks we will be hosting a fundraiser to gather funds to support the smooth opening of our new gym.  Donations are being sought and I plan to do some cool things to make it worth your while. 

  1. We are hiring!  As of now, we are actually at our highest membership and while I’ve created good systems to keep things smooth, we are likely going to need another coach BEFORE the move and will definitely be looking for 1-3 new coaches this year as I project us nearly doubling by the year's end.  1 full time opportunity is likely to emerge when the summer kicks off.

If you are someone who trains/has trained with us and loves what we do, and deeply enjoy connecting with people, I’d love to explore that option with you.  Between being a staff coach like Khyla, or learning more about coaching and working up to being on staff as an apprentice or intern.   

And of course, if you are or know a coach with a background in strength & conditioning looking for a great place to coach and learn, connect us.

  1. Support Community Forge and bring a new gym here.  This has been a wonderful organization to be a part of and have a great business development environment.  I will not be bringing my flooring nor the squat racks & benches, so the room is basically set up for a gym.  I am looking to sell the floor and pass along my lease.  If you know of a trainer looking for a gym space, let me know.  

  1. Introduce me to organizations and businesses in and around East Liberty we can serve.  While I have the complete audacity to just walk up cold to meet people, introductions are best.  If there’s someone you think would benefit from knowing me and GHP, please make the connection.  

I’m excited and glad to share this exciting next step in the GHP journey with you.  From the first person I trained under this name in Feb 2017, to opening this space in October 2018, to pandemics, & to now.  

I’m thankful for your support and most importantly, trust.  As members and customers.  As staff.  As a community of people who’ve been with me.


Coach Donald

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