6 Ways to Get Healthy Knees & Reasons They Ache

Healthy knees are capable knees. The capability of knees to tolerate loading, the better they are. Loading is:

1) handling multiples of your body weight. Example 1.5x Body weight when walking, significantly more when sprinting or jumping

2) handling those multiples of your body weight over time. Example: running for 1-3 hours straight or playing basketball for 5 games in a row

3 Reasons Why They Ache

1) Weak muscles in the thighs

2) Lack of flexibility in the ankles, knees, & hips

3) Poor mechanics in movement, especially running, cutting, and jumping

6 Ways to Improve

1) Better use of arches on the feet

2) Increase flexibility of ankle, especially dorsiflexion of knee over toe

3) Strength training thigh muscles

4) Progressive jump training

5) Increasing flexibility of hips

6) Practicing proper running, jumping, and change of direction technique, as well as working on the kinesthetic awareness in a dynamic environment (competitively)

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