You vs. You

I was coaching the other day and one of our intern coaches said to me that she loves track so much because it is you against you. It dawned on me that I loved that about track too. The only pressure I had was the pressure I put on myself and I think that is why I was so successful. I had trained my mind in a way that could accept failure and short comings more when it was just me, as opposed to others depending on you.

When you get older you realize that you get less and less direction on how to be your best self from coaches and more and more from media. You become an adult and there is no more coach telling you what to do, just random people telling you how it should be. There is no more you versus you, instead it becomes you versus everyone else.

How do we push ourselves to be better and how do we push ourselves to go above and beyond? Transparently, I have noticed that my ability to do that has gotten weaker due to fear/guilt. I fear discipline because I fear judgment. You can have supporters, mentors, family, and friends, but it comes down to what you really want to do and expose yourself to. No one can workout for you. No one can complete your work for you. No one can eat healthy for you. Do we fear discipline because we fear things being hard?

I think sometimes we do, because everyone on social media makes it look so easy. "Do these 3 things and then you will be in shape"... wrong. Getting up an hour earlier to workout in the morning when you are not a morning  person, packing your lunch so you do not eat something unhealthy, and staying late to workout so you get it done. These are all tough things to do when they have not been habits, and even then it can still be hard. So if we fear "hard", how do we get past it...

You do it afraid.

One of my favorite speakers Joyce Meyers, talks about doing things afraid. When it is you versus you, tell yourself that you are going to do it afraid. Know that most days will suck in the beginning but you are going to do it.

A big misconception is that we have to be ready and motivated to do something but honestly, no we don't. More times than not we are not going to feel motivated, but it does not mean we stop. We push forward to expose ourselves to "hard" so often that we grow stronger every time. Instead of you against others, you become one team with yourself. Tell yourself that you do not have to be ready, but trust that you can figure it out. It is going to be hard, it is going to suck, there will be many days where you will not feel like it... BUT you are more than capable.

Winning is not achieving everything perfectly, winning is choosing to do something hard and pushing past adversity to see what you are truly capable of.

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