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A significant part of life is community.  Small business is no different.  The folks who work the business as well as the folks who patron the business all contribute to the culture of it.  

As a more seasoned business owner once (several times, actually) told me:

“Hire for personality & culture fit, teach the skill”

You can’t teach being a great person or being enjoyable to be around.  

Well we got both!  

Welcome Coach Tony Rames!

He will be our new full time Performance Coach at GHP.  He hails from New Caledonia in the Pacific Islands by way of West Virginia.  

He taught me that Tahiti is a real island, which definitely weighed in the decision, as Moana is one of my favorite movies.  Top 3 and it’s definitely not 3.

Being a very talented tennis player coming out of high school, Coach Tony was recruited to play tennis at West Virginia Wesleyan College where he earned his bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education.

He then earned his Masters degree in Coaching and Sport Education from West Virginia University.  

He served as a private and collegiate tennis coach in his time, which is great for me as I’ve wanted to play tennis for years but no one invites me.  Though, because he’s so good I may actually be quite a nuance for him to :-/

Coach Tony recently has served as a strength and conditioning coach for West Virginia University and Fairmont State University.  He comes by way of Pro Performance Rx in Morgantown WV where he served as coach in a private and small group setting, just like here at GHP.  

He is into extreme sports and speaks many languages.  He’s also still looking for apartments so if you have direct recommendations that are not general internet searches, please send them. 

Our staff is 5 deep: Coach Tony, Coach Khyla, Coach Benny, Coach Tristan, and myself. Coach Adam, who’s been a great joy for the last year, had to depart.

If you’re asking, we don’t speak about Bruno.

We also brought on 2 interns this summer & fall, which will have their own emails later.  Coach Shy and Coach Sam. 

Coach Tony will be coaching many of the Strength and Movement sessions along with our Athletic & Elite Development sessions.  

He is available for 1:1’s currently so if you’re looking to start working towards your goals in the second half of the year, come and see him!

Currently, we are offering a special, buy 3 private sessions, get 3 weeks of small group personal training (Trackside included) for FREE!  Reply to take advantage.

See YOU soon!

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