We All Need Encouragement

So I had been in a bit of a workout slump the last couple weeks.  Feeling overwhelmed working 10+ hour days, orchestrating changes, I moved, and my personal life has undergone some large changes.  This is no fuss, I’m doing great, I just haven’t felt like training, particularly lifting.  

Oh and I hurt my wrist playing ultimate and kept irritating it not wearing the brace.

I’m sure you can relate to that happening at some point.  

In the week prior to Saturday I had only done a team ultimate frisbee practice and a light 8 mile run.  That’s it. 

I went to play some pick up frisbee Saturday but got there too late to actually play much.  So I called my friend to workout.  We agreed on a time.

 I almost cancelled y’all.  But he wasn’t having it.

We met up on the Southside by the marina and he brought a kettlebell and gave me some bro encouragement: a bunch of well meaning expletives to get me moving.  

And boom we got a good kettlebell workout in!

And right now I feel great & yesterday we won our flag football championship game playoff & championship game. I played pretty well and felt good.  

So yeah, we all need encouragement, even your coaches. That’s our job for you all, to keep pushing you to do the things you need to do, but don’t feel like doing.  

Keep pushing, and if you need a push, shoot me a reply

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