Open Gym at GHP

Open Gym at GHP

What is "Open Gym"?  It is having access to go and train at a gym on your own without a coach.  In the past I've been against it for reasons of liability, space availability, culture preservation, and profitability. 

With our new 3,000 sqft facility, many have asked to be able to have more access.​​

We have solutions for those and are running a trial run of Open Gym from May 8th-June 8th. 

It will be offered at limited times and will be expanded if demand justifies it.  ​Demand will totally drive this.  This can be very expensive to operate without a lot of user since we are an appointment driven business, so please if this is what you like, take advantage!  

​​Feedback will be encouraged throughout the process. ​​​​​​​​​​

When: Morning Tuesday and Thursday 8-11am & evening Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 3-6pm & 7-8pm

Who:​ Active members x Alumni members x College athletes x Adults with training experience

Parents who want to work out while their kids are training and know how to operate self sufficiently in a gym, this could be great for you​!​

Who this is not for: Middle & High school athletes x those new to exercise & lack comfort in a gym (we offer Strength & Movement coaching for this)​

Coaches will be present in the gym during all times and can assist with form questions.  ​The small group sessions that are occurring take precedence with equipment and space. 

Cost: Non active members, private coaching clients, and punchcard holders -​ $75/m

​Active members (active monthly subscription) - $20/m

Train Heroic members, this could be for you!​​
​​Capacity: 3 reservations/hour
Reservations will happen on Acuity just like Strength & Movement Small Group PT.  This allows there to be a coach

If only one person comes to 9am S&M, the coach won't be there until 8:45am so they aren't going to be there at 8am unless there's a sign up. ​

Training Programs: ​Our coaches can be requested to create training plans for you.

​This will be charge at 150% of their 1:1 rate.  You'll set up a meeting to discuss needs and they will have it made for you.  

If you're an active member, the coach in your small group can whiteboard what you should do if you come in other days at the end of your training session. 

Want to get started?

Shoot me an email to get started up [email protected]


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