No Drinking or Eating, You Must Like Diarrhea


One kid told me today about just how poorly he eats.  I think he just learned that he eats poorly at running camp.

Another threw up Monday.  Came to the gym, hadn't eaten in 6 hours and had just got back in to town.  Some plyos, 3 treadmill sprints, and some sled drags in, and she was calling Earl.

A couple weeks ago, another kid almost passed out at the track in the morning.  She hadn't drank any water all morning and reported yellow urine. 

Listen (read) to me. 

You must eat and drink when doing intense training.  As a rule of thumb, any time you come and see me, call it in intense.

You can get away without eating for low intensity cardio.  But not eating or drinking before you come and train is basically you beckoning to know what digestive fluid looks like. 

It's overrated to be honest. 

On August 22nd at 6pm I'm going to host an in person and virtual sport nutrition seminar.  School is starting.  Some of your kids have gourmet lunches (that's probably cap), and others of you eat sandwiches wrapped in cling-wrap (verified). 

How your kids survive high school is a mystery to me. 

Though, you adults are no better.  You just won't eat, or just go have unlimited pasta.

I'm going to teach you how to eat to thrive.  Clink the links below to get signed up!

You can check out my podcast "Training Well Done" to see previous recordings of similar seminars

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