Intro to Training Well Done

Welcome! I'm Coach Donald your host of Training Well Done. What is Training Well Done? Well, it's Training, Well Done.

I will entertainingly teach you about the how, what, and why of quality training! This is for people curious about how to best improve your performance, health, and lifestyle, without the fluff. There will be a training emphasis on running well, strength, and injury management/risk reduction.

You'll get digestible insight on training, nutrition, physiology, and tactics to get you to your best!

I own and operate Global Human Performance, a fitness coaching and education business in Pittsburgh PA where I coach many runners, athletes, and those looking to improve their health overall. I coach in the gym, on the track, and online and have helped hundreds of people improve their performance and get healthier.

I hold a M.Ed in Exercise Science from the University of Texas & a variety of fitness and performance related certifications.

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