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How much time does it take to get faster? Not much.

Don't get me wrong, it takes a LOT of work to become the best you can be at your sport. However, a few small adjustments made over just a few hours can impact your performance in BIG ways.

That's why we're introducing The Pre-season at GHP. 

The Preseason at GHP is a 1x/week Track & Field-centric training program. These 45-minute sessions will be Thursday nights at 7pm through February in our gym.

We only have 6 spots available for this program. If you know someone who could benefit from this pre-season training, please send them this link. 

5 hours in February can change the trajectory of your season. Book your Pre-season spot here.

The Pre-season backstory.

Charlotte was mid-season when she started training at GHP. She was racing the 400 & 4x800m relay & had been running 60-62 seconds week after week.

Charlotte focused on 2 things in her first 4 workouts that allowed her to run under 60 seconds for the rest of the year:
1)  Learn to “cycle & step down” in her running stride
2) Working on plyometrics and sprinting at full speed for 2-4 second bursts

After racing at the state championship in the 400m, she took a new sight: 200m dash

She started out the summer with a 26.91 and finished with a 25.87. Four weeks prior, that would’ve landed her a top 15 seed at the state championship. Again, she made simple changes:

💎 Continued focus on improving top speed
💎 Improved strength & stride bounce

We are excited to see what she accomplishes in 2024 with a full year of sprint training.

The track preseason has begun. Let's get faster. 

So after three months, I have some clear answers. Yes, I am much stronger. Yes, I am much fitter. No, it wasn't and isn't too late. I'm all in.
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